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Employees sprayed the office with alcohol to disinfect it, which caused a fire

Date:2020.04.11   Views:3976

A fire broke out at a construction site next to 109 liuhua road in yuexiu district. Guangzhou 119 command center immediately dispatched 12 fire trucks, 51 firefighters rushed to the scene. The scene is the construction site below the ground floor fire. No one was trapped. The fire is under control.

Less than 20 square meters of the site of the office was burned black, Windows glass shattered on the ground, computers, desks and chairs burning after the resid
ue left a pungent smell.The wooden door to the next office, which was not on fire, was also blackened by smoke.

After the fire broke out, sun immediately called other employees to use fire extinguishers and fire hoses to put out the fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt.Yang xiaolo
ng, commander of the suzhou industrial park fire and rescue brigade, said the 75 percent alcohol is effective in killing the virus, but it burns instantly when exposed
to an open flame.When firefighters inspected the scene of the fire, they found that although there was no open fire in the office at the time of disinfection, when the
alcohol concentration in the air reached 3%, not only the open fire, but also some small sparks, high temperature and even static electricity could cause the fire.
"The cable boards, sockets and ashtrays near your desk are fire hazards." "Said Yang.